HUD For Your Windshield

From Devicepedia:

I was always a fan of those marine fighter jets that I saw in the movies, with lots of buttons, windscreen data, infrared and night view making me a very faithful viewer. I think it had a very big impact on me, because I am driving a Citroen C4 and it has great features like the centrally mounted controls which lie in the middle to have a big view of them. However, GlobalTop Technology, a company manufacturing and designing top-notch GPS systems, is launching a GPS & Bluetooth HUD Speed Meter system that would display valuable informations directly on your windscreen.

AZ Lawmaker Tries To Ban Naked Lady Mudflaps

If you criminalize naked lady mudflaps, only criminals will have naked lady mudflaps.

PHOENIX — It’s still going to be legal in Arizona for trucks to have splash guards with racist terms and silhouettes of naked women.

The state House on Thursday rejected a Democratic amendment that would have banned splash guards with images that are “obscene or hateful.”

Tempe Democrat Ed Ableser sponsored the amendment. He said he’d seen a splash guard that used a derogatory term for black children and said he wanted to make sure that people with hateful motives didn’t inflict them on others.

Democratic Rep. Theresa Ulmer of Yuma supported the amendment and said it fit with lawmakers’ other efforts to crack down on pornography and sexual predators.

“I personally am tired of explaining to my 11-year-old son why they (women) are depicted on mudflaps , but not all women are 36Ds. He’s very confused by that,” Ulmer said. “But seriously, this is about family values — what are we going to send out as a message to our children.”

Eight Women Who Look Better Bald Than Britney

From Apropos of Something:

By now, I’m sure we’ve all seen the photos of Britney Spears with her newly shaven head. Amidst all the speculation about whether Britney is in the middle of a full-scale mental breakdown and if her career can recover from this latest tabloid bonanza, one thing is certain: Britney just doesn’t look that good bald. Her head isn’t all that pleasingly shaped, and her facial features lack the definition necessary to make the bald look really work for her. At best, Britney is a 2 out of 10 on the female Bald-o-meter.

That being said, here’s a quick guide to eight women who look better bald than Britney. Let me know in the comments if I left anybody out.

(via Boing Boing)