Jesus Makes Appearance in a Tree

Q. Where’s Jesus today?
A. Up a tree in TX.

An ordinary tree on an ordinary street in Crystal City has now become a gathering point for believers and the curious.

The tree has no fruit. It has no flowers. It has no leaves. It has, however, grown its tangled limbs into an image, that some say, looks like Jesus Christ outstretched on the cross.

“I think He’s here for a reason,” said Betty Jo Hernandez. The tree is on her property.

“I think it may be a sign,” said Janie Gutierrez, Hernandez’s neighbor.

“I think there are believers,” said Adriana Gutierrez, Janie’s daughter.

Hernandez has lived on the property on D Street for 20 years.

“[It looks like] Christ. We just looked up and, I don’t know, to me it was something so beautiful, I wasn’t going to just keep it to myself,” Hernandez said.

“It looks like God when He was on the cross, to me,” Adriana said.

“It’s already been making quite a commotion here,” Janie said.

The word spread fast and now believers are coming to admire, take picture and pray.

Religious Freaks has video of the news report.