Bush Cuts Cancer Research Funding

Because most of us were more likely to be killed by a WMD than a tumor….

Funding for the National Cancer Institute had been going up steadily for a decade, but now President Bush wants to cut the funding for the second year in a row — this time by $40 million.

The newest cancer research may be especially threatened by these cuts. Money has always been tight. Even back in 2002, when the budget was growing, the government approved only one in five promising proposals for new research. Now only one in 10 is funded.

It’s not only the research, but the researchers themselves that are affected. Some worry these cuts will have chilling effect on recruiting up-and-coming scientists.

“We’re at jeopardy of losing a whole generation of scientists, of cancer researchers, and that’s undoubtedly going to have an effect 10 years down the line,” adds Dr. Ben Ho Park of Johns Hopkins’ Kimmel Cancer Center.