Copper Plating and Etching Altoid Tins

From The Steampunk Workshop:

While looking for information on transferring toner using a fuser assembly from an old laser printer I ran across several websites where people suggested using glossy magazine pages for transferring printed circuit board images to a copper substrate. I thought I’d give this a try for etching Altoid tins, so I cut up a likely magazine.

Preparing the Altoids tins turned out to be harder then I predicted. The paint stripper I use comes in a spray can and is sold as “Paint & Epoxy Remover.” It’s strong stuff. If you get even a drop on your skin it hurts like hell and you need to flush the area with lots of water to make it stop. Most paints just wrinkle up and fall off when I hit them with this stuff yet the paint on the Altoid tins required several minutes of scrubbing with steel wool while wearing nitrile gloves (latex gloves fall to pieces in seconds.)

(via Make:blog)