Hot Chocolates-Duke Ellington/Whitey’s Lindyhoppers

The Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers group that appears in this soundie was also known as the The Harlem Congaroos.They were the undisputed stars of all the groups of Whitey’s dancers. After completing the filming of Hellzapoppin’, the group had a contract to do a second film for Universal Studios. However, Whitey received an offer for them to perform in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and decided he did not want his dancers to wait around for a script that was offbeat enough to incorporate the Black dancers.Such scripts had proven to be few and far between in the past. In order to break the contract, Whitey agreed to make this soundie, which was an enormous hit throughout the United States. The bombing of Pearl Harbor took place while the Harlem Congeroos were in Rio, and they were unable to get back home to the United States after their 6-week engagement was over.

They spent 6 months working to make enough money to secure their safe passage back to the USA and finally managed to fly back to Florida, where they arrived with no money in their pockets to make the trip back to New York. In Miami they discovered that the soundie of Hot Chocolates was a big hit and was on every jukebox! They found employment with a nightclub owner who capitalized on the popularity of this soundie by advertising that he had the “Hot Chocolates in Person!”

SOUNDIES were short musical filmclips that were played in jukeboxes in the thirties and forties.The device that played them used a mirror. The films were made in reverse and then their mirror images were projected to the viewers.

Thomas Crapper Did Not Invent The Flush Toilet

Despite what the “Fun Facts” section of my apartment’s newsletter says:

Crapper was born in Waterside, Yorkshire (near Thorne), in September 1836 (the exact date is unknown). His father Charles was a steamboat captain. At the age of 14, Crapper was apprenticed to a master plumber in Chelsea, London. After his apprenticeship and three years as a journeyman plumber, in 1861 he founded his own company at Robert Street, Chelsea. In 1866 he moved the business to nearby Marlborough Road (now part of Draycott Avenue).

Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet — credit is usually given to Sir John Harington in 1596, with Alexander Cummings’ 1775 toilet regarded as the first of the modern line — but he did popularise it. He was a shrewd businessman, salesman and self-publicist. In a time when bathroom fixtures were barely spoken of, he heavily promoted sanitary plumbing and pioneered the concept of the bathroom fittings showroom.

HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

The only water bottle
that tells you when you need a drink. This is much better than the archaic system I use now which consists of taking a drink when I am thirsty.

The HydraCoach is the worlds first Interactive Water Bottle. It calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration. Our Doctors, Nutritionists and Fitness Trainers all recommend that we drink more water yet there has never been a device to help individuals adhere to the expert’s recommendations. The HydraCoach is the only product of its kind and a breakthrough in personal hydration monitoring.

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