20 Greatest Guitar Solos Ever, With Videos

From CityRag:

Guitar World complied a list of the “100 Greatest Guitar Solos”. Over the last few days the Howard Stern Show has been playing clips from the list. We’ve found listening to these great classics a very moving experience, so we took it a step further and dug up a video link for each of the top 20! Listen and watch the musical genius and mastery that made these classics famous!

Pictures of All Purchases for 2 Years

Another OCD site:

I am going to be slowly updating all of the images that I took of all of my purchases from 1/22/02-4/22/04. This documentation used to be on my website www.obsessiveconsumption.com, but has long since been taken down. I am revisiting these images in order to create new images. I am searching for where the object is now and if still around, I plan on documenting the history it has had over the past few years.

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Vegemite Ice Cream

Mmmmm.. Yeasty:

It’s a multicultural twist on an Aussie favourite that’s sure to get the tastebuds tingling this Australia Day.

Those celebrating the national day in Brisbane will have the chance to cool down after a couple of snags and beers – with a Vegemite gelato.

Italian-trained Gherardo Deflorian and his partner Lei Hua, of Brisbane’s Gelateria Cremona, concocted the unique ice cream flavour for lovers of the Australian icon.

“I thought we’d do something different for Australia Day and so I was thinking about maybe lamington, but Vegemite has to be more controversial,” Mr Deflorian told AAP.

“When I came to Australia there’s so many more ingredients than there were in Italy so I like to keep my job a bit more fun, a bit more interesting so I try new things.

“Everything can be transformed into a gelato.”

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