God Hates Goths

God sure does love to hate:

This is an exciting time for all at PAG, This year marks our tenth anniversary, and what better way to celebrate a decade of speaking out against Satanism, helping children escape from satanism, lecturing in schools and Churches about the dangers of teen satanic culture, heavy metal, Wicca and Goth, than by firmly establishing our online presence.

What we offer is ten year of experience in educating young people such as yourself about the dangers of the Gothic subculture, and the role that heavy satanic music plays in destroying lives (and brain-cells).

If you want to go on being lead around by your nose-rings, then ignore the message of salvation this website offers you. If you want to seek repentance and a new lease of life, that only Jesus Christ can offer you, now is your chance for recovery. I hope you take much hope and inspiration from this site.

And of course there is a section on what bands to avoid:

AC/DC: song Hell’s Bells, inspired “Night Stalker” serial killer,
pentagrams on album art (Highway to Hell), violent cover art (If You Want Blood You Got It), guitarist admitted to being ‘possessed’ while on stage.

Aerosmith: drug and alcohol abuse, equating sex and religion
on “Angel”

Black Sabbath: number of the beast, crucifixion imagery,
objectionable album art (Born Again, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)

Jimi Hendrix: hypnotizing people through music, choking on own vomit, voodoo rhythms, rebellion, violence, “If 6 Was 9” used in interstitials

Led Zeppelin: backmasked messages and references to Pan on “Stairway to Heaven”, Zoso = number of the beast