Fox News Outs Obama…

As a smoker!!!!!!! John Gibson reports:

GIBSON: Meantime, time for “Big Politics.” Sure he’s young, sure he’s charismatic, but what do we really know about Barack Obama? And what does he really stand for? Obama is the kind of presidential hopeful who appeals to the masses. He portrays himself as a political moderate, but he’s much more liberal than he says he is. And his team works overtime trying to hide Obama’s dirty little secret. He is — get this — a cigarette smoker. The point is: What else do we not know about Barack Obama? America seems to love him now, but will we still love him tomorrow?

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Why I Escort

From DailyKos:

I started escorting women at the local abortion clinic after the presidential election in 2004. For me, the election results were a loud wake up cry forcing me out of a life of comfortable complacency. It seemed glaringly obvious that the country and our elected leaders were attempting to dismantle many of the rights I value including women’s reproductive freedoms. Equally obvious was my responsibility to do something in response. Since I’m not one to be easily intimidated escorting seemed like it might be a good fit.

I had no idea what to expect my first Saturday. Of course I was somewhat familiar with the violence of Operation Rescue in addition to the murders of Dr. David Gunn, Dr. Barnett Slepian and Dr. John Britton, but I convinced myself that if massive assaults were occurring at our community’s clinic there would have been some coverage by local media. Fortunately the other volunteers encouraged me to merely observe until I was comfortable with the process.

Greek Orthodox Church Embraces Atheism

At least when it comes to other invisible men in the sky.

After successfully staging a landmark ceremony at the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, their leader pledged to fight for the right to conduct baptisms, marriages, and funerals according to the rites of the ancient religion.

“We are a legitimate religion. But the authorities don’t let us do this, but we shall claim this right through the European Union,” said Doretta Peppa, the high priestess, who led the prayers next to the 15 remaining columns of the temple.

The move is bound to aggravate the highly conservative Greek Orthodox church, which strongly disapproves of what it regards as paganism.

“They are a handful of miserable resuscitators of a degenerate dead religion who wish to return to the monstrous dark delusions of the past,” said Father Efstathios Kollas, the President of Greek Clergymen.