How To Fake Your Own Death


On January 18, 2006, a 58-year-old man from Alabama named Johnny Sterling Martin was arrested by local authorities for failure to pay child support. What made the arrest noteworthy was the chilling fact that Martin wasn’t even supposed to be alive. That’s because the deadbeat dad faked his own death 25 years prior by having a relative call the family court and report that he was killed during a bar fight. While Martin’s case may seem ludicrous, it’s far from isolated.

Every year hundreds of Americans just like Martin drop off the face of the earth by pretending to pass away. Some do it to avoid bills, some do it to avoid responsibilities and some do it simply to avoid paying their late fees at Blockbuster. Sound like fun? You bet it is! Find out how to get a piece of the action in our comprehensive primer on how to fake your own death.