Review of the “Left Behind” Videogame

Ars Technica’s review
of the silly Left Behind game. Their final verdict is it is an overhyped christian propaganda game that has a mildly entertaining plot and below average gameplay.

As you wander around in the first missions, learning how to buy buildings and convert followers, you’ll notice how bland the game looks. This would have been great looking about five or six years ago, but right now it just comes across as boring. There are a lot of bad guys running around, denoted by red bars over their heads, and they will shoot red balls at you. These balls sap your “spirit,” which is like mana, and you have to pray to get it back. In the first mission I spent a lot of time running away from big gangs of people who were shooting these anti-God balls at me, and that got old quickly. Run and pray, run and pray. It was a lot like being at Wal-Mart on Black Friday.