Library Volunteers Just Say No To Drug Testing


BRONSON – Levy County’s public libraries are struggling to get books checked out or reshelved because retirees who usually handle many of those chores have balked at a requirement that they “pee in a cup” as part of a mandatory drug test for all county volunteers.

“It’s not like we are a high-risk group for coming in drunk or high or stoned or whatever,” said one volunteer. “This is just a common-sense issue – why are we spending tax money to test 75-year-old grandmothers for marijuana? We should be using that money to buy more books and computers.”

The situation has gotten to the point where the pool of 55 volunteers has dwindled to two and the number of hours worked by volunteers in the county’s five libraries plunged from 330 in September 2005 to 11 this September, according to county library records. None of the former volunteers contacted by The Sun wanted to be publicly identified in a story about drug-testing.

10 Greatest Martial Arts Movies of All Time

After hundreds of movies, thousands of eye-popping fight scenes and millions of punches thrown…which ones are the best? Which ones have I been missing out on my whole life? Which ones must I have in my collection in order to not bring shame upon my family name?

We’ve scoured the internet. Reviews. Forums. Amazon. Postings. Bulletins. And this list is what we’ve come up with as the greatest Kung-Fu movies of all time and why you should watch each one. Pay attention to movies involving Yuen Wo-Ping as either director or action director, there’s a reason why half this list is movies where he was involved!

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Woman Upset With Digg


I’m not sure how many people read this but I don’t know what else to do! Someone recently posted a private folder from our other website to Digg and caused our host to kick us off! Those of you who have been reading know we are trying to make money posting blogs to this site and the other one and now the whole thing is screwed up. Not only that our host says we owe them $485 for using too many resources or something. How can they do this?

The worst part of all this is the folder that was posted on Digg had our personal images we had taken off our camera and forgot to delete. There were pictures of me in the shower, and (this is so embarassing but those who paid us need an explanation) a few pictures Tim took of me while I was using the bathroom. Who knows how many people saved these to their hard drive before the site went down.

I have since taken all of my pictures offline but if you remember what I look like please email me asap if you see any pictures of me being posted anywhere. I am going to sue every person that posts these as well as the malicious Digg user who thought it would be funny to let the world see images that were meant for OUR EYES ONLY. I am not sure but I am asking the lawyer that is friends with my cousin if we can go after the people that viewed these. It clearly stated that it was a private folder of stolen pictures so I’m sure it’s illegal for anyone to look at them.

Please do not Digg this article. While we have 5 gigs per month here (plenty to handle those pesky Digg users) I do not want anymore trouble out of them. If you are a member of Digg and are reading this tell your damn friends that I will find them and take them to court for messing with me. I have cried all day because there are people probably seeing me naked right now and that is meant for my husband only! My brother works for the FBI on computer crimes and he can find you even if you use a proxy so don’t even try it! If you have pictures taken from my site you better get them off of your computer fast!

(and no, I couldn’t find the pics)

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Nobody seems to be able to find the original Digg post so this probably is some sort of hoax.

Haggard Begins Spiritual ‘Restoration’

From the Washington Post:

DENVER — There will be prayer, and perhaps the laying on of hands. There will be counseling and a confession. And there will be advice, confrontation and rebuke from “godly men” appointed to oversee the spiritual “restoration” of the Rev. Ted Haggard.

After tumbling from the pinnacle of the American evangelical movement amid allegations he snorted meth and cavorted with a male prostitute, Haggard has agreed to a rehabilitation process that could last three to five years.

“I see success approximately 50 percent of the time,” said H.B. London, vice president for church and clergy at Focus on the Family, the conservative Christian ministry in Colorado Springs. “Guys just wear out and they can no longer subject themselves to the process.”

Those who fail “end up selling cars or shoes or something, and being miserable and angry the rest of their lives,” London said.

I actually have more respect for the profession of car or shoe salesman over the profession of rabbi, priest or pastor. But that’s just me…

Borat film ‘tricked’ poor village actors

Looks like the opening scene from Borat’s movie took place in a real village in Romania and they’re pissed.

But now the villagers of this tiny, close-knit community have angrily accused the comedian of exploiting them, after discovering his new blockbuster film portrays them as a backward group of rapists, abortionists and prostitutes, who happily engage in casual incest.

They claim film-makers lied to them about the true nature of the project, which they believed would be a documentary about their hardship, rather than a comedy mocking their poverty and isolation.

Villagers say they were paid just £3 each for this humiliation, for a film that took around £27million at the worldwide box office in its first week of release.

Now they are planning to scrape together whatever modest sums they can muster to sue Baron Cohen and fellow film-makers, claiming they never gave their consent to be so cruelly misrepresented.

Disabled Nicu Tudorache said: This is disgusting. They conned us into doing all these things and never told us anything about what was going on. They made us look like primitives, like uncivilised savages. Now they,re making millions but have only paid us 15 lei [around £3].

Cambridge-educated Baron Cohen filmed the opening scenes of the Borat movie in Glod – a village that is actually in Romania, rather than Kazakhstan, and whose name literally translates as ‘mud’, last summer.


“Impoverished” frat boys also want to sue Borat:

Columbia, South Carolina:Two unsuspecting fraternity boys want to “make a lawsuit” against Borat over their drunken appearance in the hit movie.

The legal action filed on Thursday on their behalf claims they were duped into appearing in the spoof documentary Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, in which they made racist and sexist comments on camera.