Bush Says Republican Loss is a Win for Terrorism

From Business Day:

WASHINGTON — A week before key midterm elections, US President George Bush was in Georgia yesterday to bolster his Republican Party’s chances even as the soaring US death toll in Iraq undercuts his claim to be winning the war.

A day after Bush charged in Texas, his home state, that “terrorists win and America loses” if opposition Democrats capture the November 7 legislative elections, the US October toll in Iraq jumped to 103, the fourth-highest monthly toll since the March 2003 invasion.

Bush said Democrats had no plan on how to win the Iraq battle.

But polls predicted Democrats would overcome the heightened rhetoric and recapture control of the house of representatives after 12 years, and possibly the senate, which could hobble the Bush administration’s last two years.

Republicans, however, have the upper hand in organising supporters and may yet win the day with a strong anti-Democrat rallying cry.