Christian Right Propaganda Posters

A great satirical gallery of christian right beliefs as propaganda posters.

For that reason I have created propaganda posters which promote some of the beliefs of the Christian Right. The intention is satirical, not sympathetic, but even so I believe that both the images and the words accurately reflect what some on the Christian Right belief and advocate. The original posters were produced as government propaganda, mostly during the first and second world wars.

Deep Fried Computer

I had recently read a few articles on submersion cooling, where you take your computer and dump it into a tub of non-electrically-conductive oil. It seemed to work really well, and was cheap. So I saw it as a type of poor man’s water-cooling…

…But I soon became hungry for a fried snack – and since I had used all the oil in the house I couldn’t fry myself anything. Then I had a brilliant idea. Why not use the oil that the computer’s in?

(via Geekpress)