Where Were You When You Realized the Star Wars Prequels Sucked

The George Lucas Directs LOTR post today had a few people talking about their first impressions when they saw the there’snotevenanadjectivetodescribehowbaditwas Star Wars prequels.

McGee says:

I still remember my excitement and anticipation for Episode I. I was in….9th grade? I can’t even remember. I was in high school, I know that. My friends and I went to the first local showing at midnight (we were probably the only geeks there NOT dressed up as characters), and it began dawning on me about a third of the way through….this movie was terrible. The writing was bad. The story was bad. The dialogue was laughable. The acting was wooden. The special effects were great….in number, but not necessarily quality.

I was furious by the end, absolutely furious. Of course my one friend thought it was awesome, but he was (and likely still is) an imbecile with no taste in film. I, on the other hand, have very particular tastes, and I could see immediately that George Lucas had lost whatever magic he’d once had.

TDavis says:

I recall going to the midnight premiere of Episode One with several of my pals and leaving the theater, not furious, but greatly confused and sad. The thing that really put me over the top into anger is when someone asked Lucas about a particularly odd scene (The rising and falling energy walls during the final duel.)
Interviewer: “What the heck were those things going up and down during the fight scene?”
Lucas: “Oh, we’ll explain them when we do the extended version.”
Excuse me?
I just laid out good money to see Episode One.
Can I use my ticket stub to see Episode 1.2?
I’ve detested Lucas ever since.

I remember going to see Episode One the day before it was released. My friend was a projectionist and we watched it after the theater had closed so there was no crowd to gauge. I remember the music to the 20th Century Fox sign beginning which to me always brings back memories to the original movie. (Seriously, there’s no bigger disappointment when a movie from Fox uses that music for a movie that isn’t Star Wars). The opening crawl with it’s bit about trade embargos seemed a bit too much like intergalactic cspan for me but we’re in the beginning of a new trilogy. It’s forgiveable. Then, Jar Jar made his first appearance….

I went home that night in a state of denial. I think deep down I knew what I had just seen was crap but it didn’t make sense. I mean, Lucas had twenty years to hone the material. Didn’t he say that he had written the entire backstory back while developing episode iv? Twenty years of thinking about the prequels and the best he could do for the climax of Act 2 was the Tatoonian equivalent of Nascar??? No, no, it couldn’t be. I must have had some bad butter in the popcorn or something. It must be my fault. I must not have understood the complex trade relations between the people of Naboo and the, the, whatever the other people were. You know, the ones that they gave the asian accents to.

I didn’t sleep well that night. I tossed and turned and mulled over the steamping pile of bantha shit I just watched and it suddenly came to me. That movie sucked!

And you?