1. Jesus and the Tecnicolor Website opens on Broadway 10-27-06!

    I loved the little javascipt-like error bar at the top of the page :p

    What’s up with the black cat going under the ladder?

    Both are signs of bad luck and the fact that the ladder thing originated with folks seeing it as a symbol of splitting the Holy Trinity makes me think there’s some kind of joke I’m missing…

  2. I sent a helpful comment to the guestbook,

    “Aaargh My eyes!!!, your appalingly naive world view is only matched by your abysmal web design skills.

    I would suggest the following books:

    The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins
    http://www.amazon.co.uk/God-Delusion-Ri … 0593055489

    Basic Web Design tutorial
    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Web-Style-Guide … mp;s=books”

    It’s a moderated guestbook and they’ve not published it yet.

  3. Blarbgwatt nophilis moog… Sorry I was speaking in tongues there for a second. I really felt something come over me. A conflicting feeling of heavenly calm frenzy. Like a small spectral lobotomy. And a sudden inclination to buy sandals and drink arsenic-laced CoolAid. All better now. The way some of these born again types seem to see the world… I mean… maybe that web site looks perfectly normal to them. A nice and calm light grey with a soothing dark grey font color.

  4. I love that site! I posted it as a blog on myspace! do you kno how i can most the exact thing? and where to get the song?

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