College Student Graduates in One Year

I could have done this if I wanted to…..and if I wasn’t an idiot

With college tuition rising to record levels across the country, one University of Virginia student figured out a way to save himself from the crush of student-loan debt.

The solution? He finished college in just one year.

David Banh, of Annandale, is the first person ever to complete UVa’s traditional four-year bachelor’s program in a single year.

“I was impressed … I would say amazed,” said Donald Ramirez, vice chairman of the mathematics department.

Banh, who turns 19 later this month, graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria in 2005. A year and a summer later, he was a UVa alumnus.

Thanks to a mountain of advanced placement credits, Banh was already ahead of the game.

“I flirted with the idea back in high school, and thought I could finish college in a year and a half, in three semesters,” Banh said. “But after my first semester [at UVa], I realized I had all this extra time, and that if I stayed for a second year I didn’t have a way to pay for it without taking out loans.”

(via Metafilter)