Chavez Calls Bush “The Devil”

Sorry Mr. Chavez, I’m going to have to disagree with you on this. The devil wouldn’t have been stupid enough to invade Iraq.

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez tore into his U.S. counterpart and his U.N. hosts Wednesday, likening President Bush to the devil and telling the General Assembly that its system is “worthless.”

“The devil came here yesterday,” Chavez said, referring to Bush, who addressed the world body during its annual meeting Tuesday. “And it smells of sulfur still today.”


I didn’t realize that Chavez was holding up one of Chomsky’s books while calling Bush the devil.

I never realized Chavez was so interested in Linguistics…

College Student Graduates in One Year

I could have done this if I wanted to…..and if I wasn’t an idiot

With college tuition rising to record levels across the country, one University of Virginia student figured out a way to save himself from the crush of student-loan debt.

The solution? He finished college in just one year.

David Banh, of Annandale, is the first person ever to complete UVa’s traditional four-year bachelor’s program in a single year.

“I was impressed … I would say amazed,” said Donald Ramirez, vice chairman of the mathematics department.

Banh, who turns 19 later this month, graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria in 2005. A year and a summer later, he was a UVa alumnus.

Thanks to a mountain of advanced placement credits, Banh was already ahead of the game.

“I flirted with the idea back in high school, and thought I could finish college in a year and a half, in three semesters,” Banh said. “But after my first semester [at UVa], I realized I had all this extra time, and that if I stayed for a second year I didn’t have a way to pay for it without taking out loans.”

(via Metafilter)