Daily Lit

Reading books by email.

Why read books by email?

Because if you are like us, you spend hours each day reading email but don’t find the time to read books. DailyLit brings books right into your inbox in convenient small messages that take less than 5 minutes to read. This works incredibly well not just on your computer but also on a Treo, Blackberry, Sidekick or whatever the PDA of your choice.

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Annoying Coworker

A service which will send an anonymous email to somebody who is annoying you in some manner.

If you’re using the office microwave, COVER your food! Not only is your food spattering all over the inside of the microwave, but dripping all over the turntable. You alone are turning the microwave into a biohazard. No one wants to have to clean up after you, and your mess makes it impossible for someone to quickly heat their food, without having to first disinfect the inside of the microwave. Who raised you, anyway?

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