Freaky Lab Animals


LiveScience has a gallery of some freaky lab animals like the mouse with three ears:

The mouse with a human ear growing on its back proved just how far science could, or would, go. The experiment saw a biodegradable, synthetic frame planted on the mouse; human cells were added to the frame and nourished by the mouse to produce, in effect, a real ear. With an ear-to-body ratio of about eighty percent, he’s probably a very good listener.

Teacher won’t shave until bin Laden caught


Bush’s failures now appearing in the form of facial hair.

EPHRATA, Washington (AP) — After the September 11 terrorist attacks, Gary Weddle followed the news so closely he forgot to shave. After a week he decided not to shave until Osama bin Laden was caught or killed.

Nor has Weddle, 46, who expected the al Qaeda leader to be caught within a month or so, trimmed his facial hair in the succeeding five years as he went from substitute teacher to science instructor at Ephrata Middle School.

At the start of each school year he gives students a brief explanation of his beard, which stretches more than a foot and has started turning gray.

Pizza Delivery

City Pages with a look into the pizza delivery world:

In the popular imagination, the pizza man is many other things. He is the punch line to loser jokes. The pimply-faced teen working his first job. The reckless driver who mows down the glaucoma-stricken nun in the crosswalk. The stoner who has lost all ambition. The hapless crime victim whose sorry demise gets 30 seconds on the 10:00 p.m. news. Sometimes, though less commonly, the pizza man is celebrated. In Neal Stephenson’s cult cyber-punk novel Snow Crash, he is the hero. The Deliverator, as he is called, works in a failing future America in which pizza delivery constitutes a last remaining arena of national competence. And, finally, there is the pizza man as sexual buccaneer–the stud who stops by for impromptu encounters in countless porn movies and Penthouse Forum letters.

As with so many stereotypes, there are nuggets of truth embedded in all of the above. Last month, City Pages sat down with six of Minneapolis’s most prolific pizza drivers to talk about their livelihood: the day-to-day realities of the work, the legendary customers, the rank indignities and, of course, drugs and sex.

Where Do Gay Christians Meet?

At GayHarmony of course:

Welcome to Gayharmonyâ„¢, the web’s only devoted gay (GLBTQ) Christian matchmaking website. My name is Justin Cannon and I am the founder of Gayharmonyâ„¢ as well as This website has emerged from the growing need for a place where gay Christians can meet, as most Christian dating sites do not accommodate glbtq Christians.

This is weird. If there’s one thing that the bible is quite clear about is that it is anti-homosexual. If you were gay, why would you want to be a part of a religion which hates you?

Bush To Hold Talks on Borat

Glad to see that there isn’t anything more important going on in the world than a movie for these guys to talk about.

US President George Bush is to host White House talks on British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

Cohen, 35, creator of Ali G, has infuriated the Kazakhstan government with his portrayal of Borat, a bumbling Kazakh TV presenter.

And now a movie of Borat’s adventures in the US has caused a diplomatic incident…

But the film, which has just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, has prompted a swift reaction from the Kazakhstan government, which is launching a PR blitz in the States.

Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev is to fly to the US to meet President Bush in the coming weeks and on the agenda will be his country’s image.

President Nazarbayev has confirmed his government will buy “educational” TV spots and print advertisements about the “real Kazakhstan” in a bid to save the country’s reputation before the film is released in the US in November.