Bletchley Park Recreates Turing Bombe

From the Telegraph:

The last time that the rattle of the Turing Bombe was heard, it was the greatest secret of the British Empire.

Yesterday, it was a press event.

With a rumble that turned into a roar, a sound not heard at Bletchley Park for more than half a century, the machine that was at the heart of Britain’s wartime code-breaking triumph began to work again.

The operation of the bombe was likened by the men and, mostly, women who worked on it to a vast collection of knitting needles, but its sound was also the first hint of the computerised world in which we now live.

Yesterday, a fully-functioning recreation of the bombe was switched on for the first time, by re-enactors in period dress, bringing back to life the great-great uncle of the PC.