Subterranean Fortress for Sale


Good news everybody, the subterranean fortress house is for sale.

The Underground Fortress is an 8th wonder of the world! It is an unbelievable feat of engineering. The Fortress goes a total of 45 feet under the house! That is below sea level! The fortress has over 1600 sq. ft. of living area, plus hundreds of more square feet of passages and secrets rooms. It was all hand dug over a 20 year period, and all the walls were constructed with a small electric hand cement mixer. There are 3 ft concrete walls, using 5-bag cement (20% denser than regular cement). Not only are the walls thick and dense, but the finishing work is amazing quality. These walls keep it a constant 60F degrees year round.

The Abandoned Pod City


On the outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan is an abandoned housing project. I think they were built in the early 80’s as cheap housing that could expand vertically while maintaining a very small footprint. The 4 circular pods made it easy to manufacture meanwhile providing it’s occupants with plenty of space. I also found some questionable info on its location. The riverbed on one side, the hills on the opposite, the materials used to build it, and the fact that they expand upwards were all intentional to satisfy traditional Chinese living methodology of the 5 elements.

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Houdini’s Impossible Demonstration

From the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal:

For a few years, magician Harry Houdini and British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the Sherlock Holmes stories, were friends. One was an arch-skeptic (Houdini), while the other was a true believer in Spiritualism (Doyle).

Possibly hoping to show Doyle how easy it is to be fooled by mediums, Houdini once gave his friend an extraordinary demonstration, in his own home, in the presence of Bernard M.L. Ernst, Houdini’s friend and lawyer. Ernst’s memoirs reveal what happened that night.

Houdini’s remarks to Sir Arthur after the trick were to fall on deaf ears but is the very essence of skepticism. Unfortunately this only entrenched Sir Arthur’s position that it was done by supernatural means which goes to prove that people will believe what they want to believe.

Houdini turned to Doyle and said: “Sir Arthur, I have devoted a lot of time and thought to this illusion; I have been working at it, on and off, all winter. I won’t tell you how it was done, but I can assure you it was pure trickery. I did it by perfectly normal means. I devised it to show you what can be done along these lines. Now, I beg of you, Sir Arthur, do not jump to the conclusion that certain things you see are necessarily ‘supernatural,’ or the work of ‘spirits,’ just because you cannot explain them. This is as marvelous a demonstration as you have ever witnessed, given you under test conditions, and I can assure you that it was accomplished by trickery and by nothing else. Do, therefore, be careful in future, in endorsing phenomena just because you cannot explain them. I have given you this test to impress upon you the necessity of caution, and I sincerely hope that you will profit by it.”

Kings of Africa


There are still several hundred monarchs on this continent. While some amongst them have been relegated to the level of touristic curiousities, others still maintain significant traditional and spiritual power. Born of dynasties which marked the history of Africa until the twentieth century, these kings are the source of underground power with which “modern governments” have to exist.
Contrary to the Indian Maharajas, they have survived the upheavals of history, and evolve in a parallel world but which is very real.

However, for some Africans, they are the shameful incarnation of the failure of archaic systems in the face of western colonization. They are blamed for their tribal conservatism which blocks the passage of traditional African societies toward modern states. For others, they are the guarantors of old cultural bases, the ultimate rampart before the anguish of an uncertain and tumultuous future. Be that as it may, they are still a presence in the countries, a reality that needs to be included.

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