American Humane Society’s Review of


Snakes on a Plane.

Two Chihuahuas, Romeo and Chico, were interchanged for the role of Mercedes’ (Rachael Blanchard) pampered pup, Mary Kate. Early on in the film, Mary Kate is seen in a chic carrier wearing a stylish vest; both Chico and Romeo were acclimated to these items prior to filming. The simulated turbulence during the flight was created with a special hydraulic system, and the Chihuahuas were prepped in a puppy pen on the set to help them adapt to the motion.

In one scene, a snake slithers into Mercedes’ bag. Wranglers alternated three Sinaloan milk snakes for this action. Just before the cameras rolled, head wrangler and reptile expert Jules Sylvester put the snake’s head in the bag, and cameras filmed the snake continuing the trajectory by going in and coming out the other side. A separate animal handler used verbal cues to get Mary Kate to bark as though in response to the snake, and a safe distance was maintained between both animals at all times.

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