CNN’s Kyra Phillips Goes To The Bathroom With Her Mic On

The video and transcript are here:

During President Bush’s Katrina press conference, CNN’s Kyra Phillips took a bathroom break and didn’t realize that she left her mic on.

While Bush attempted to reassure people that the federal government will be ready if another natural disaster happens, CNN watchers got to listen to Phillips in the bathroom zipping up and chatting about her brother and “control freak” sister-in-law.

What exactly did she say about her sister-in-law?

Then, Kyra again: “Of course brothers hafta be, you know, protective. [ZIP] Except for mine. I gotta be protective of him. Ugh, yeah. He’s married, three kids, but his wife is just a control freak.”


Bible Blogging

From Slate:

Genesis, Chapter 1

You’d think God would know exactly what He’s doing, but He doesn’t. He’s a tinkerer. He tries something out—what if I move all the water around so dry land can appear? He checks it out. He sees “that it was good.” Then He moves on to the next experiment—how about plants? Let’s try plants.

This haphazardness may be why Creation seems so out of order. If God made light on the first day, what was giving the light, since the sun doesn’t appear until the fourth day? And God tackles the major geological and astronomical features during the first two days—light, sky, water, earth. But Day 3 is a curious interruption—plant creation—that is followed by a return to massive universe-shaping projects on Day 4 with the sun, moon, and stars. The plant venture is a tangent—like putting a refrigerator into a house before you’ve put the roof on.

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Christians Upset with CBS

The American Family Association is upset with CBS reairing the documentary “9/11” because there is profanity. Can’t these dimwits figure out how to change a channel?

It is time to tell CBS and the other networks that enough is enough!.

Not content with all the profanity already on TV, CBS has decided to air the profanity-laden unedited version of “9/11” on Sept. 10. The decision by CBS is a slap in the face to the FCC and Congress, which recently raised indecency fines to $325,000 per incident.

“9/11,” which will be shown in prime-time, contains a tremendous amount of hardcore profanity. CBS has stated they have not, and will not, make any cuts in the amount and degree of profanity. CBS will ignore the law. The network is suing the FCC over the indecency law, saying they should be able to show whatever they desire whenever they desire. CBS wants no limits.

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James in the comments left this:

Here was my letter:
Dear FCC,

I admire CBS’s decision to air the show “9/11” uncut and raw as it should
be experienced by the viewer. I do not agree with the thousands of letters
from ignorant fundamentalists you will receive protesting such a broadcast.
This event was a turning point in American history and the portrayal of
it’s severity should not be trivialized by censorship. Thank you for your
understanding of this issue and your ability to look at the “greater good”
of allowing a story to be told as it should.

Sincerely, one concerned American.

Bush Closes EPA Libraries to Public


What has been termed, “positively Orwellian”, by PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, is indeed frightening. It seems that the self-appointed “Decider”, George W. Bush, has decided to “end public access to research materials” at EPA Regional libraries without Congressional consent. In an all out effort to impede research and public access, Bush has implemented a loosely covert operation to close down 26 technical libraries under the guise of a budgetary constraint move. Scientists are protesting, but at least 15 of the libraries will be closed by Sept. 30, 2006.

“Public access to EPA libraries and collections will end as soon as possible”, according to a report found online at PEER, an acronym for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. All total, nearly 80,000 documents, not in digital format, are being boxed up and placed in infinite limbo status by the Bush Administration. The scene from the Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the Ark of the Covenant was wheeled into a massive sea of identical box crates, inside an enormous warehouse, comes vividly to mind.

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