A Short (and Bloody) History of the High IQ Societies

It’s interesting to know that even the most intelligent people come up with dumb ideas for clubs.

The Cinque (5 smartest people in the world)

The Cinque is a name proposed by Ronald Hoeflin in a letter to Johannes Veldhuis [former Mega Society membership officer] in the mid-1980’s, to consist of the 5 smartest people in the world, and whenever a smarter person came along, one of the members of The Cinque would be bumped into an “emeritus” status. Johannes informed Hoeflin that “The Cinque” had been the name of some murderous secret society, so Hoeflin dropped the idea.

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Pastor Claims Church Voted To Reject Black Membership, Resigns

Such tolerant christians:

SALTILLO – A pastor who says his congregation voted not to accept black membership has resigned. The church says it never made such a decision.

The Rev. John Stevens says Fellowship Baptist Church in Saltillo voted not to approve blacks as members during a scheduled Sunday night business meeting Aug. 6. Because of the decision, Stevens stepped down from the Baptist Missionary Alliance congregation that has an average Sunday morning attendance of 30 people.

According to Stevens, the church made race an issue after a biracial 12-year-old boy, Joe, began attending Fellowship Baptist with his temporary guardians.

The church was “afraid Joe might come with his people and have blacks in the church,” Stevens said. “I could not go along with that. There would always be a wall between us, so I resigned that night.”

Atheists in Foxholes

From Penn Jillette’s radio show’s website:

The military is fully aware of the existence of atheists in uniform and, in fact, makes specific allowance for us in the Oath of Enlistment. In the Oath there is a clear choice — we can “swear” (basically before “God,” the Great Pumpkin, whatever.) to serve our country, or we can “affirm” the Oath. There are NO Bibles or other sacred books used in this Oath, unlike for some political offices, and the only item required to be present is the American flag. All my re-enlistments were “affirmed,” as were hundreds of others I witnessed.

Among these “affirmed” Oaths I personally counted dozens of soldiers wearing Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, and at least five Silver Stars. Among them were Special Forces, Rangers, Intelligence Officers, Artillerymen, tank crewmen, helicopter crewmen, cooks, paratroopers, combat medics, truck drivers and Infantrymen.

No atheists in foxholes? I beg to differ.

Preachers may blather on about serving “for God and country,” but, as any number of combat studies have proven, that is pure crap — to use a traditional military term. Soldiers certainly do enlist for patriotic motives, and many of them no doubt have deeply-held religious beliefs, but that is not why, in the heat of combat, they risk their lives. They risk their lives for their fellow soldiers — to not let their comrades down, and to assure the survival of their buddies (and themselves) by getting the job done as rapidly and brutally as possible.

Broadcasting a feel-good fluff-piece on religion is all well and good, but perpetuating the nonsense that only religious zealots defend their country is not only offensive, but demonstrably wrong. Most atheists and agnostics in uniform get stuck with the Army\’s favorite euphemism “No Religious Preference,” on their dog tags, but mine simply said “Atheist” after some initial arguments with my superiors.

Flight Patterns


Be sure to watch the vids.

The following flight pattern visualizations are the result of experiments leading to the project Celestial Mechanics by Scott Hessels and Gabriel Dunne. FAA data was parsed and plotted using the Processing programming environment. The frames were composited with Adobe After Effects and/or Maya and the final dome piece was highlighted at SIGGRAPH 2005 in the NVIDIA Immersive Dome Experience.