Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

Watch the video here.

The idea is simple, the result is stunning. On November 1, 2001, artist Ahree Lee began taking daily digital snapshots of her own face; and she has continued this project every day since. In 2004, Lee compiled all of her daily images into a montage with a wistful musical score. In the fast-paced parade of images you’re about to see, each second of screen time represents about one week’s worth of pictures.

RIP James Van Allen



CHICAGO (Reuters) – American physicist James Van Allen, who helped propel the United States into the space race and discovered the bands of radiation that surround the Earth that were later named for him, died on Wednesday, the University of Iowa said.

Van Allen, a longtime professor at the university, died from undisclosed causes. He was 91.

He designed numerous instruments carried aboard U.S. space probes beginning with the instrumentation and Geiger counters aboard Explorer 1. The satellite went into Earth orbit January 31, 1958 — four months after the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik I triggered unease about America’s scientific prowess.

The Explorer mission led to the discovery of a doughnut-shaped region of charged-particle radiation encircling the Earth, now called the Van Allen belts.

Wikipedia’s entry on James Van Allen.

Amateur Astronomical Observatories


Examples of small observatories that individual amateur astronomers have built for personal use. I started this list when doing research before building my own observatory. I got a lot of good ideas by looking at what others had done. Perhaps you will, too 🙂

Building a small observatory is not all that hard. A simple roll-off roof design can be built in a few days with simple tools and materials easily available in your local building supply store. A dome is much more complicated but still can be done with more careful planning. Or you can buy a kit.