Top 10 Car Dealer Scams 2006

Good to know.

We’ve been reporting car buying scams since 1996. This is our 8th annual list of the “Top 10 Car Dealer Scams” you’ll likely encounter, based on our research from 10,000+ visitors daily. We receive complaints and compile this list based on currently running scams at some car dealers. Most dealers are honest, so this Top 10 list deals is about dishonest car dealers. You’re an ostrich with your head buried in the sand if you think there are no bad salespeople out there. We are not picking on car dealers, there are bad furniture salespeople, advertising salespeople, bad priests, bad judges, real estate agents, police, but we cover cars here. These scams are real, they happen to people every day. Some salespeople flame us, claiming these scams are no longer used, If scams are on our list, I can assure you they are still in use.

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Google Earth Reveals Swastika Fountain in Belgium


From The Register:

Google Earth aficionados have created a bonfire in the quiet town of Maasmechelen in Belgium, very close to the border with the Netherlands, by revealing that the fountain at the city council office looks like a swastika from the air.

The fountain has spouted happily for over 27 years, but now the mayor says he will replace it, fearing the town will otherwise be doomed.

Seventy-two year old designer Robert Tachelet says he is “not a nazi, and I’m proud of the fountain. The Germans don’t have the monopoly on the swastika, it is an ancient symbol of the Sun god”.

Kind of reminds me of the tree swastika in a German forest.


Thanks to Jake and Joseph for alerting me to the Naval base in San Diego which has a swastika shaped complex.


The Slowest Man on Earth

I came home from work one day to find this old guy standing in place, just shuffling his feet feet a few inches at a time, I asked if he needed help and he yelled at me to leave him alone and get away, so I went into my apartment on 16th and South in Philadelphia, PA and filmed this guy try to make his way down the street. The video is 45 minutes long originally….

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Top 50 Movie Endings of All Time


I’ve seen Chinatown a dozen times, and while it’s a great movie, two specific things about it stick in my mind: Jack Nicholson’s bandaged nose and the final line of dialogue. Acting, directing, a great script… these are essential to any film. But a classic ending, now that can really make a movie.

We spent literally months brainstorming and corralling the 50 films with the absolute best endings we’ve ever seen. We’re not talking about the last half hour. We mean the last minute of movie. You know, the ending.

Bush Administration Nervous About War Crimes Prosecution?

From WaPo:

An obscure law approved by a Republican-controlled Congress a decade ago has made the Bush administration nervous that officials and troops involved in handling detainee matters might be accused of committing war crimes, and prosecuted at some point in U.S. courts.

Senior officials have responded by drafting legislation that would grant U.S. personnel involved in the terrorism fight new protections against prosecution for past violations of the War Crimes Act of 1996. That law criminalizes violations of the Geneva Conventions governing conduct in war and threatens the death penalty if U.S.-held detainees die in custody from abusive treatment.

In light of a recent Supreme Court ruling that the international Conventions apply to the treatment of detainees in the terrorism fight, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales has spoken privately with Republican lawmakers about the need for such “protections,” according to someone who heard his remarks last week.

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