Found Currency Experiment


Last year around this time, I constantly passed loose change in the Quick Chek parking lot in Highland Park, NJ. No one ever thinks of picking up pennies cause they are worthless, but I started to see nickles and dimes on the ground, and I was wondering how much money that would come out to if you picked up all the change you found for a year.

Well, as of May 19th last year, I’ve been picking up any change that I saw on the ground (at the extremely high cost of of my dignity) and now my experiment is coming to an end in a week and a half. It was interesting to see how much change we pass by in a normal day, and it makes you wonder why people don’t pick it up. I assume because it’s massively degrading somehow (see below for my moments of shame), but if you knew that it would accumulate to a decent amount at the end of the year would it still be as degrading of a gesture?

(via J-Walk)