Marine Corps Looking for MySpace Buddies

From Newsday:

KANEOHE, Hawaii — Teens looking to hook up with a friend on the popular Web community MySpace may bump into an unexpected buddy: the U.S. Marine Corps.

So far, over 12,000 Web surfers have signed on as friends of the Corps in response to the latest military recruiting tactic. Other military branches may follow…

…The Marine Corps MySpace profile — featuring streaming video of barking drill sergeants, fresh recruits enduring boot camp and Marines storming beaches — underscores the growing importance of the Internet to advertisers as a medium for reaching America’s youth.

“That’s definitely the new wave,” said Gunnery Sgt. Brian Lancioni at a Hawaii recruiting event. “Everything’s technical with these kids, and the Internet is a great way to show what the Marine Corps has to offer.”

Israel/Lebanese Death Counter


Each death represented by a coffin.

Each coffin represents a single person killed in the on-going conflict between Israel and Lebanon. With this page, I am trying to show how disproportionate the whole war is. I will be updating this page daily with new numbers taken from BBC’s coverage on the conflict.

Oh, and for those interested in the death and casualty list in that other little conflict in the Middle East, you can click here.