1. The pics are taken out of context and there’s no audio. The next screen shot shows her laughing.

    This is someone trying to make something out of NOTHING.

  2. Her reaction is totally irrelevant.
    This is simply innappropraite and unprofessional behaviour that verges on sexual harassment.
    I would be fired without question if I did that to a female colleague in a meeting.

  3. A nice metaphor depicting America’s foreign policy as it lurches into the 21st century. Whatever Bush sets his gaze on shall squirm like a schoolgirl alone with Uncle Badtouch.

  4. WHo gives a F___. Small children sucked out to sea, running from bombs, starving. From the looks of her reaction she needs something. She was probably being a tight ass all morning

  5. In respose to the posters imposing sexual intentions on this thing;”making something out of NOTHING”, “get out baby oil”
    A nervous laugh does not mean a woman “needs something” as a poster stated earlier. The issue is much more severe. Maybe Bush did indeed have an issue with the German Chancellor and felt she was a “tighass”. If so, the intelligent reaction is to ask quesitons, to communicate, and to learn about why your issues conflict, not to attemp to subdue someone with familiarity and the violation of personal space. This, again, illustrates the presidents inabilily to communicate intelligently. This has nothing to do with the Chancellor, except that the president seems to think he’s entitled to cross physical boundaries with a human being just because she is female.

  6. I don´t find Bush conduct inexpertise nor unable, but presenting a premeditated (obvliously not by him but by advisers) way of DISRUPTING the original interest of the circumnstances into a “foolish or innocent or sexual(????)” behaviour from his part. Think about the many significancies to be interpreted by scholars and professionals and learn about them, give the “presidente” another kind of response.
    Thank you 🙂


  8. “The pics are taken out of context and there’s no audio. The next screen shot shows her laughing.”

    The chancellor’s laughing at the situation should tell you something.
    What would she be laughing at?
    The ACT was simply out of context and awkward.
    As you can see, all the chancellor did was sit there and react to someone invading her personal space and suddenly she is the sexual object.
    This is a perfect example of why you don’t cross those boundaries. As you can see from some of the mindless posts imposing sexuality on the chancellor.

  9. this whole thing is ridiculous. as a woman, i dont feel as though it was a good idea for him to massage her shoulders but again as a woman i realize that this is not uncommon for a man to do. massaging someone’s shoulders as you stand behind them is not a sexual act. men do it to comfort women all the time. i think this should be looked at from a feminist’s point of view decifering common AMERICAN practices. stop acting like Bush tried to rape her.

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