US Citizens Charged for Evactuations?

Has this ever happened before to American citizens being evacuated?

Dozens of Americans were evacuated from Beirut by U.S. Marine helicopters Tuesday, but hundreds of other U.S. citizens were stranded. Some expressed frustration that the evacuation was taking so long. The Americans being evacuated were told by U.S. officials that they would have to reimburse the government for the trip to safety.

The U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Jeffrey D. Feltman, said 320 Americans will have left by the end of Tuesday and that 1,000 more were scheduled to leave Wednesday, the Associated Press reported.

The A-Team Stands for Anarcho-Capitalism

Isn’t looking this deeply into “The A-Team”, like searching for a giant squid in your bath tub?

First of all, the A-team is an illegal, anti-government, underground organization of people who escaped from prison. They are outlaws, surely pay no taxes, and, in most episodes, the US army is chasing them. Are these guys a band of thugs? Not at all. They are portrayed as positive heroes and the government apparatus is portrayed as the institution that unjustly tries to imprison them.


How Intelligent Are Cats?

An in-depth look (extremely long) at feline intelligence.

Cat owners often claim that cats are too intelligent to do the sort of tricks that dogs do willingly. Others believe cats are unintelligent because it’s harder to train them to do tricks. In this article I aim to explain some of these differences and explore feline intelligence and the limitations on feline intelligence. This also means looking at how cats see the world and at some aspects of natural cat behaviour.