How To Recover A Lost Master Padlock Combination

I need to get a lock to try this out on.

I have had to throw out several locks because I have lost the combination. I recently found a lock and I really hate to throw these things out, and I’m sure you do to (since you’re reading this). I have read many places online that this is completely impossible, but it’s not. It takes a little math, a lot of brute forcing, and some thinking.


  1. Wasn’t successful on my Master. The last digit did come up in the step 1, but was not able to use his process of elimination to precicely determine the last digit.

    The code that I use doesn’t fit his ‘mod4’ formula, but when I actually tried it, it worked.

    I was hoping I had a party trick, but guess I’ll have to keep looking.

  2. This algorithm absolutely works, but I think it is limited to the older Master combination locks – but there are tons of them out there.

    Realistically, it takes less than an hour to recover the combination, and it helps to keep track with paper. So unless you go to really geeky parties, this is not your party trick.

  3. It worked on an old Master combination lock I had in my junk drawer. I followed his directions and it only took about 20 minutes to figure it out. Pretty handy, since until now I had no idea what the combination was.

  4. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought a brand new Master combo lock (and it was green, so definitely not some 10-year old lock), and this algorithm worked perfectly… took me a while to narrow down the last digit, but all in all it took about 10 minutes (it was the 13th combo I tried).

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