When Fundies Read “The Onion”

This pro-lifer read an “editorial” in The Onion and believes it to be real which by itself isn’t too strange. More than a few people have mistaken The Onion for a real news source the first time they have seen it. The thing that makes this so funny is after the guy received hundreds of comments telling him he’s an idiot for using the Onion as a news source, he does another post where it’s obvious that he still doesn’t get it.


  1. apparently, the same issue of the onion had an article about jesus converting to islam. but that didn’t tip the guy off. the guy’s defense is great too: “it doesn’t matter that the article is satire, because people really feel the way she does about abortions.” uuuhhhh. no. no one goes out and has an abortion party. idiot. unfortunately, fundies feel the need to demonize entire groups of people to explain their actions.

  2. Priceless. I admit, I’ve been taken by fake news before, but… The Onion? It’s THE ONION, for dog’s sake!

    Unless, of course, it is a joke in itself – which makes it even more priceless.

  3. Pete Shinn, the vacuous blogger behind all this, has finally been clued into the fact that his posts come with comment threads – which have all, along with the original post, been deleted. He’s also posted a hurried response claiming it was all a joke, and the thousands of libruls mocking his stupidity are, in fact, the stupid ones. Never mind the immense number of pro-lifers in the threads pleading with him to STFU because he was making them look bad.

    Nice try Pete. You fail at the internet, and more than likely, life in general. Shlub.

  4. Here are links to the original articles and associated comments section. It’s pretty funny stuff if you have the spare time.

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    There isn’t one.

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