Japanese Rank Their Favorite 100 Historical Figures

Really fascinating list. I didn’t expect to see Thomas Edison at number three.

Last night NTV aired a program featuring the results of a survey that asked Japanese people to choose their favorite great person from history. It was a pretty interesting show, featuring occasional re-enactments of scenes from the lives of history’s great men/women(by Japanese actors/comedians, of course). During my downtime at work today I managed to translate the list and provide links to information on each of the figures. Here it is:

When Fundies Read “The Onion”

This pro-lifer read an “editorial” in The Onion and believes it to be real which by itself isn’t too strange. More than a few people have mistaken The Onion for a real news source the first time they have seen it. The thing that makes this so funny is after the guy received hundreds of comments telling him he’s an idiot for using the Onion as a news source, he does another post where it’s obvious that he still doesn’t get it.