The Nation of Islam’s UFO Myth

Pop Occulture Blog takes a look at some of the Nation of Islam’s ideas. Below is an alleged speech by Farrakhan about “The Great Mother Plane“:

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us of a giant Motherplane that is made like the universe, spheres within spheres. White people call them unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ezekial, in the Old Testament, saw a wheel that looked like a cloud by day but a pillar of fire by night. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said that that wheel was built on the island of Nippon, which is now called Japan, by some of the original scientists. It took 15 billion dollars in gold at that time to build it. It is made of the toughest steel. America does not yet know the composition of the steel used to make an instrument like it. It is a circular plane, and the Bible says that it never makes turns.

Actually, they don’t call them UFO’s, not officially. They seem to use the phrase “Great Mother Plane” or “Great Mother Wheel”.

And I never heard about Yakub the scientist before:

n the mythology of the black supremacist movement the Nation of Islam, Jacob’s name is spelled Yakub. Instead of being seen as the father of the twelve tribes of Israel he is presented as an evil scientist who created the white race by genetic experimentation on an isolated group of the original black peoples of the world, conducted on the island of Patmos. Breeding this white race took six hundred years. Yakub’s progeny are destined by God to be the ruling race of the world for an allotted period of six thousand years, before the original black race regains dominance, a process that is supposed to have begun in 1914.

Willy Hitler

Hitler’s nephew.

William Patrick Hitler (later Stuart-Houston) (March 12, 1911 – July 1987), nicknamed Willy, was the nephew of Adolf Hitler. He was the only son of Alois Hitler, Jr., Adolf’s half-brother. Alois had moved to Dublin, met an Irish woman named Bridget Dowling, and eloped to Liverpool where William Patrick was born in 1911…

In 1933, William Patrick Hitler returned to Nazi Germany in an attempt to benefit from his uncle’s rise to power. His uncle found him a job in a bank. Later, he worked at the Opel car factory and then as a car salesman. Unsatisfied, William Patrick persisted in asking his uncle for a better job and there were rumours that he might sell embarrassing stories about the family to the press if he wasn’t satisfied.

In 1938, William Patrick was asked by his uncle Adolf to relinquish his British citizenship in exchange for a high ranking job. Fearing a trap, William Patrick panicked and fled Germany. Returning to London he wrote an article for Look magazine titled “Why I hate my uncle”.

The Soviet Exploration of Venus


The Soviet exploration of Venus, from 1961 to 1985, is the largest effort ever undertaken to study another planet. The fundamentals of interplanetary spacecraft design and remote sensing were first realized in these missions. Successes included 3 atmospheric probes, 10 landings, 4 orbiters, 11 flybys or impacts, and 2 balloon probes in the clouds. Much of what is known today about our neighboring planet was discovered by these missions.