Supposing… I’m Too Old for MySpace

An editorial on MySpace:

Because I don’t “get” it. I mean, I know what MySpace is and what it’s supposed to do and how influential it is. It’s just that whenever I’ve visited a MySpace page I’ve thought “is that it?” and wandered around the perimeter looking confused, like a blind man patting the walls for an exit he can’t find.

So users create a page and upload their music and photos and videoclips; they post blog entries and links to other stuff and leave witty little messages for one another. And it all meshes together to form a thriving social network. Okey dokey. On the surface it all makes sense.

Yet it’s not for me. I mean, I could go and create a page myself, but somehow I’d rather scrape my retina off with a car key. At 35, I’m too ancient for MySpace – I’d look like a school-gate paedo – but that’s not really the issue. No. It’s simply bloody-minded “olditude” on my part – the same sort of fusty grumbliness that made greying musos boycott CDs in favour of vinyl in the 80s because they JUST DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW about this new-fangled whatchamathing.


  1. myspace is great.

    not for me mind you, because with my 15 different websites and 500 item bloglines account, I really have no need for yet another social networking site, but it IS good as a tool to find those people that you’re looking for that aren’t so technosavy, same as livejournal, xanga, et al.

    I’ve found plenty of old highschool chums through MySpace, and ever since they added in the RSS feeds for the people’s blogs, I’ve been able to keep up with their lives, and get to skip the music videos, pictures, and other razzamadazel crap that’s on there.

  2. A commenter nailed it dead bang on.

    “MySpace and similar are OK if you’re a teenager, new to the idea of creative freedom and excited by the possibilities that it offers. Everyone else knows that the problem with creative freedom is that most of the resulting content is utter dross, and that there are other more productive things to do with your life than to try and sift through it all. “

  3. If he is too old for myspace, I must be too ancient. I’ve found old friends, keep in touch with new ones, and find all kinds of interesting people and groups to talk to and hang out with online. It’s not just for kids…besides, they don’t really know how to use it except to talk trash, and brag about what they really aren’t…

  4. We are a group of ancients but not only do we embrace the Myspace revolution with gusto but also it gives us a place to vent our out of date rock n roll dreams. Oh, and we can badmouth Barry Johnson to the whole world. Just because you are getting on a bit, it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the fun things in life.

  5. One commenter said “MySpace is GeoCities nine years on. But with the added bonus of numerous Flash and WMV movies auto-starting as the page loads.”

    I agree. Nothing really new, or innovative. It grew because everyone in the world found out about it from the constant news coverage. Now every sexual predator lurks on MySpace and every band with a new cd creates a MySpace page.

    And I can’t stand the crappy layout of the myspace web pages. It looks like it was done by a ten-year-old kid.

  6. Never used myspace.Never even seen what it looks like for that matter.I figure it can’t be any different to hi5 which incidentally I have never used

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