The Gold Pyramid House


Egypt or Wadsworth, Illinois? (I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Egypt)

A few words say it all: Power, Gold, Mystery, Exotic and Impressive. When all those words were put together by Jim and Linda Onan, they ended up creating one of the greatest, most awesome pieces of art ever achieved. Why? Egyptian Bazaar It all started when American universities claimed that there were mysterious, supernatural and magical powers that were related to the pyramids. Intrigued by the mystery, the Onans built their home as a Pyramid. It’s known to be the largest 24 karat gold plated object ever created. If you are not impressed by the size of the 6-story Gold Pyramid and the King Tut tomb, you will definitely be impressed by the striking and glittering amounts of gold used to recreate this exquisite and thrilling exhibit.

(via The Kircher Society)