Travel Notes

I’m still in Florida for a few more days. My wife and I got married in Vegas back in February thinking that we wouldn’t have to go through all the pains that are involved with planning a wedding and it worked for a few months but her family decided to throw us a reception anyway. Most of my wife’s family is living in Broward County which is why the reception is being held down here. Here are a few quick observations about Southern Florida:

Boston drivers pride themselves on being overly aggressive drivers, even bestowing upon themselves the charming moniker called “Massholes”, yet Southern Floridians have elevated bad driving into an art form. I’m not even sure why the cars down here have directionals since I’ve yet to see one being used.

The smallest roads down here have more lanes than the main highways going through Boston. You would think that a highway with seven lanes would never get backed up. HA!

We went to the Mai Kai last night which is Mecca for Tikiphiles. The place is so dark inside that you need night scope goggles to order off the menu. (yes, I consider that a good thing)

My email is starting to fill up so it might take me a little while to answer emails and post link submissions. I’ll probably start posting links on Sunday but I’m out of the loop so forgive me if I post links that have been around for a week or so.

See everyone again soon.