Left Behind: The Video Game


Putting the fun back into fundamentalism.

Imagine: you are a foot soldier in a paramilitary group whose purpose is to remake America as a Christian theocracy, and establish its worldly vision of the dominion of Christ over all aspects of life. You are issued high-tech military weaponry, and instructed to engage the infidel on the streets of New York City. You are on a mission – both a religious mission and a military mission — to convert or kill Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, gays, and anyone who advocates the separation of church and state – especially moderate, mainstream Christians. Your mission is “to conduct physical and spiritual warfare”; all who resist must be taken out with extreme prejudice. You have never felt so powerful, so driven by a purpose: you are 13 years old. You are playing a real-time strategy video game whose creators are linked to the empire of mega-church pastor Rick Warren, best selling author of The Purpose Driven Life.

(via Backwards City)


  1. wow! i wonder if wal-mart will sell it, considering how violent it appears. i hope people don’t buy it for their children. christ, talk about brain-washing people. i thought grand theft auto was bad.

  2. Is this a joke? It had better be. I never thought I’d agree with Jack Thompson about something, albeit for different reasons. If for some twisted reason I were to buy this game I’d most likely play for the anti-christ forces just out of protest of the game’s sheer stupidity.

  3. According to Rogelio Saenz of the University of Texas A&M, 28% of Americans are Catholics (Source: Latinos and the Changing Face of America, New York: The Russell Sage Foundation, 2004). I don’t know how many Buddhists, Hinduists, Jews and Muslims there are in the United States, but all together (even if we don’t count Atheists), this amounts to a lot of people. The Theocrats could not win.

  4. As we all know, there is no better way to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ than by semi-automatic weapons and bloodshed.

  5. Reports about the game have been very inaccurate. The game does not have the player try to establish a theocracy or kill people who don’t convert. In fact, you are penalized for killing people, even though Christian forces are fighting against the anti-Christ’s army.

    See more about the nature of the game, with quotes from secular reviewers who have actually played it:


  6. >>Tyndale’s licensing of the project infuriated one of its authors, Jack Thompson, a conservative Christian attorney and outspoken critic of video game violence, who told the Los Angeles Times that he severed ties with his publisher in a dispute over “Left Behind: Eternal Forces.”

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