Tennessee Police Caught Torturing Drug Suspect

I could only listen to a few minutes of this before turning it off in disgust.

When Tennessee law enforcement officials showed up at the home of Lester Siler, who they suspected of drug use, they asked Lester’s wife and son to leave. They didn’t know that Lester’s wife had turned on a tape recorder in the kitchen. When Lester exercised his constitutional right not to sign a consent to search his house, these officers spent the next two hours torturing him. They beat him with bats and guns, held loaded guns to his head, threatened to shoot him, dunked his head in the toilet, burned him with lighters, attached his testicles to a battery charger, threatened to cut off his fingers, and threatened to “go get” his wife and take his child away from him. Then they arrested him for “evading arrest”.

Here is a news story from WBIR.com about the eventual arrest and conviction of the officers.

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  1. It’s stuff like this that not only makes me disgusted to be American, but makes me think the Union might have been better off without the south. I agree that drug enforcement is one of the most difficult things for police officers to do, but as soon as they take to vigilantism it crosses the line. I hope these officers serve time in jail, and the victim, guilty or not, gets a few million dollars from the state.

  2. Drug enforcement is certainly no walk in the park. But did this guy pose any risk whatsoever to these officers? Sounds like the perp in question was aggreable and cooperative. He refused to consent to a search which is his right.

    And I don’t know, 4.5 years does not seem like much for torturing another human being. I’d like to know what a non-officer would have been sentenced too.

  3. Wait, was he only suspected of drug USE? Jesus Christ, doing something like this to a dealer would be one thing, but a user? Sigh.

    I’ve never met anyone from Tennessee that I’ve liked.

  4. This is what our Federal masters have been doing every since the BS War on Terror began. No surprise that it would seep down into local law enforcement circles.

  5. Not all cops are pigs.Sad that good cops get drug in on the actions of pigs like these.It would help if the good ones blew-the-whistle on pig-cops.

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