Suicide Notes

These suicide notes were gathered at the coroners’ offices by a suicidologist/psychiatrist who asked to be anonymous. He edited identifying details out of the compiled manuscript, and we changed the names. But the text of each letter plus the age and sex given are real. All these people did kill themselves. Were they ambivalent about it? About half the hundred or so letters we saw seemed to have some element of doubt.

Here is a heart wrenching one from a 40 year old married man to his son:


Remember what I told you and always respect, protect and obey your mother and always remember that I love you so much. I am going to leave you forever because I am too sick to go on. God bless you my Son and when your time comes to go to Heaven you will find your ole Pappy waiting for you.




  1. what bothers me is that the coroner had these letters. that makes me think one of two things:
    1)the intended recipients never got the letters or
    2)they didn’t want to keep them after they read them.
    neither scenario is very heart-warming, to say the least.

  2. Couldn’t read many. Some are almost unbearably sad – even dignified – but others are just sickening in the way they are written to try to lumber another person with the guilt of the suicide’s death.

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