1. The site is down and I don’t understand how a laser pointed at the tip of one scissor blade helps me cut any straighter. If there’s a mechanism to project a line across what I’m cutting-like in the picture-then I see how this is cool, but I think the picture is lying.

    Regardless, Laser Scissors is still a pretty good name for a band…

  2. I don’t see how this can work……..if the laser is attched to the cissor, that means that if the cissor moves, the laser does too, so you would still cut crooked lines

  3. I imagine the laser projects a line with a diffraction gradient (my laser level has this option). If you have a reference point across the sheet it would be very easy to cut a straight line to it. Just used free hand I can’t see how it would help.

  4. Lol, wat if my tub is shaped oddly? What about the tiles on the walls. Maybe I should buy one, get hurt, and sue… 😛

  5. Does anyone realize that the laser will continue to point in the direction that you’re holding the scissors? You might as well just hover over the scissors and use the blades as a guide….OH WAIT! WE’VE BEEN DOING THAT FOR YEARS!

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