Five Minute Exposure of Shuttle Launch


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OV-105 Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour from Pad 39B on mission STS-97. This is a five minute exposure taken from the Causeway (about 7 miles away from the pad). Taken with a borrowed all-manual Nikomat camera, 24 mm lens, f/16, Kodak Royal Gold 100 film. When the exposure was stopped in this shot, the shuttle was approximately 229 statute miles downrange.

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Catching Number 714


From CNN/SI:

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Tyler Snyder caught Barry Bonds’ 714th homer on the fly Saturday, snagging it cleanly with his glove. The people around the 19-year-old Athletics fan cheered wildly, with nobody assaulting or gouging him.

Bonds got a standing ovation from the Bay Area’s forgiving faithful — and then Snyder got to speak the minds of millions of baseball lovers who see Bonds as the game’s greatest antihero.

“I hate that guy,” Snyder told reporters before he was whisked away. “I don’t really care for the guy.”…

…There’s not much sentimentality around this quest — and it sure has a money-colored tint. The ball still was in Snyder’s glove when the holder of Bonds’ latest horsehide lottery ticket said he definitely would sell the ball.

When asked if he would consider giving it to Bonds, Snyder declined with a mild expletive.

Unrealized Soviet Architectural Projects From the 1930s to 1950s


Pictured above from Unrealized Moscow is the Palace of Soviets:

The competition for the Palace of Soviets in Moscow was one of the most extensive and impressive of this century. The idea of constructing a building which could be a symbol of the “imminent triumph of communism” in the capital of the world’s first state of workers and peasants was mooted in the 1920s. The chosen location was the site of the demolished Church of Christ the Saviour. The competition was launched in 1931 and carried out in stages.

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