Is Bush a Lunatic

Molly Ivins on the Decider’s waning sanity:

I hate to raise such an ugly possibility, but have you considered lunacy as an explanation? Craziness would make a certain amount of sense.

I mean, you announce you are going to militarize the Mexican border, but you assure the president of Mexico you are not militarizing the border. You announce you are sending the National Guard, but then you assure everyone it’s not very many soldiers and just for a little while.

Militarizing the border is a totally terrible idea. Do we have a State Department? Are they sentient? How much do you want to infuriate Mexico when it’s sitting on quite a bit of oil? Bush knows what the most likely outcome of this move will be. He was governor during the political firestorm that ensued when a Marine taking part in anti-drug patrols on the border shot and killed Esequiel Hernandez, an innocent goat-herder from Redford, Texas.

That’s the definition of crazy — repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

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  1. “Militarizing the border is a totally terrible idea”

    Who would you like to guard us? Robot chickens? What other options are there, other then the border patrol? I agree (ugh) that the military should help out until we can secure the border a bit better, with both physical barriers, and more border patrol agents.

    Why this is happening 5 years after our wake up call, I dunno. oh wait yeah I do, incompetence on the part of both polical parties.

    I for one vote for the robot chickens, I know they can be trusted, and they’re cute. Both of which tested well with the backwoods demographic.

  2. interesting commentary, but continually doing the same thing and expecting different results is not the definition of insanity. I hate Bush and his administration, don’t get me wrong. Maybe he can be diagnosed with greed, or even just plain stupidity and ignorance, but those are not psychological insanity. I think I can say categorically that Bush is not crazy in the psychological sense, although in the social sense of one person saying, “man, you’re crazy,” perhaps he is.

  3. I have to agree. Expecting the same action to have different results when the environment changes in relevant ways is reasonable.

    Oh well, Molly Ivins is a political columnist and presumably a layperson when it comes to psychology or ontology.

  4. Stupid is the word I think of about every time I look at him.He has a hard time with using the right words to express his self,and repeats something if he thinks it worked the first time.His walk looks like a movie gunslinger.Goofy look when questioned on unrehearsed questions.

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