Ian McKellen: Bible Should Have ‘Fiction’ Disclaimer


Amen Gandalf.

If “The Da Vinci Code” was already feeding the flames of controversy with its challenge to the basic tenets of Christianity, actor Ian McKellen managed to pour a refinery tank’s worth of gasoline on the fire on this morning’s ‘Today’ show, asserting that the Bible should carry a disclaimer saying that it is “fiction.”


  1. Oh, and what makes me giggle even more is that the movie is being panned thus far on Rotten Tomatoes. I think it’d be hysterical that after all of this controversy the movie turned out to be a melodramatic snoozefest (which is really possible considering the director….yes, I dislike Ron Howard movies. Apollo 13 was pretty good, A Beautiful Mind was decent, but the guy is just average other than that).

    The book is mediocre, and I have no doubt the movie likely will be as well.

  2. Some parts of the Bible are indeed fictious because they were meant to be either teaching fables (Job) or Jesus’ parables (that somehow never managed to open the eyes of His biggest critics; Pharisees and Sadducees.

    Apparently a good many biblical scholars are still scratching their heads about the complete veracity of St. John’s Book of Revelations. But that doesn’t mean we should dismiss it out of hand because it might create allegory instead of real imagined facts in years to come.

    My major problem with something as volatile and emotive as Revelations is that it has become a cudgel for anti-Catholics to use against the autoritity of the Holy See. Ironically just as many decent and fair-minded Protestants are distancing themselves from the old war cries about the Holy See being the Whore of Babylon … along comes authors Tim LaHay and Phillip Jenkins to make a huge boodle rehasing Revelations in an outright anti-Catholic manner through their Left Benind books. The irony is that Tim LaHaye is an ex-catholic; often the most bigoted kind of anti-catholic the Church has to put endure.

    Yes…there’s some fiction but not all of it…certainly not the Four Gospels and the Pauline Letters.

  3. My apologies to this blog’s readers. I have a keyboard lacking a comma key thanks to a very pesky and voracious family bird who loves to chomp on computer keys.

    Also…it’s hard a heck sometimes to type with bi-focals. Consider this as a warning “sign of things to come” for budding middle-agers.

    Again…my apologies for mistakes in my previous posting.

  4. Wow Steven, you must be new here! 🙂

    If you click on the “Atheism” category on the right you’ll find plenty of resources to help you decide that the bible complete fiction.

  5. If the bible is fiction then the modern day pharisees/saddusees will have to find another way to get their 10%.And just think,without all their rules and junk people might just get along better.Funny the pres and all the politiansswear on it,oh and all the courts use it to make you honest to god tell the truth.Lucky the koran is fiction or we would use it.

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