1. I prefer YouTube. I love that comments are open for each posting which a lot of times gives me more info on the video. Couple that with the tagging and ability to browse other vids that the user had uploaded and I don’t even think this is going to be a contest on what people prefer. That being said, I’ve never uploaded anything on either YouTube or Google Vid so I am strictly making my decision as a viewer.

  2. I’ve always had fast connections to Google Video, but often get huge delays from YouTube. Plus I’m ideologically sided with Google. YouTube, on the other hand, had that recent fallout over their deleting everything over 10 minutes and accounts with large numbers of videos.

  3. first time writing, but long time watching 😉
    i prefer youtube, i like the interface, all the options, comments, groups.
    as speed, both of them seem to work just fine.
    there’s just one thing google does that youtube should and it is resize the video to the size of the window open, as most of the time i don’t have my browser maximized on screen.

  4. i haven’t really subjected all the video sites to comparative analyses, but just the fact that youtube has that 10 minute limit (or was it 15 minutes?) makes it far inferior to google video, from which downloading a clip is also generally easier. i suspect that vimeo is better than both of those sites for most uses, but as i said, i haven’t checked out all of that too thoroughly yet.

    judging from what chris said (the only pro-youtube comment so far), i assume that youtube is popular with users that value community-related functionality. which can be a very nice add-on, but first of all, i just want to watch the bloody video in a convenient way! which google video is better at, IMHO.

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