Britney Spears Gives Up Kabbalah to Worship Baby


Britney Spears posted a surprising message on her Web site on May 12. “I no longer study Kaballah [sic], my baby is my religion,” reads the brief note featured on the “Love B” section of her site devoted to the singer’s stream of consciousness. There was no indication whether Spears was referring to her 8-month-old son, Sean, or the baby she is currently pregnant with, or Kevin Federline.


  1. The same fascination Americans have with this shallow air-head of a manufactured pop star is exactly the same vapidness that makes us elect G.W. Bush, a shallow air-head of a manufactured man of the people! Who cares? (I know, unfortunately too many Americans really do) I see a direct corellation between our willingness to follow the exploits of a boring idiot celebrity, who is by no stretch of the word a musicuan, and or willingness to believe that G.W. is a national politica leader, when he himself is by no stretch of the word a leader or statesman.

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