Tuesday Blues

Billie Holiday – Fine and Mellow (1957)

Reunited after many years with tenor saxophonist Lester Young, Billie’s visual reaction to his moving solo remains as eloquent as anything she ever sang; a touching finale to their historic musical partnership. Introduced by Robert Herridge (producer/host of CBS’ “The Sound of Jazz”), this is perhaps the single most famous “live jazz” performance in TV history. Other members of the all-star band seen here: Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan, Roy Eldridge, Doc Cheatham, Vic Dickenson, Danny Barker, Milt Hinton, Mal Waldron…”We shall not see their likes again.”

List of Most Sexually Active Popes

I (heart) Wikipedia for their list pages.

Since the 13th century, a discipline of the Catholic Church has required priests in Latin Rite (i.e. Western) Catholic jurisdictions and bishops in both Latin Rite and Eastern Rite jurisdictions to be celibate. (In this context, celibate is not synonymous with sexually abstinent; celibate means not married.) The discipline of celibacy is not considered one of the infallible immutable dogmas, and so exceptions are occasionally allowed (see clerical celibacy — for example, in some cases a married Protestant minister who becomes a Catholic may be ordained to the priesthood). In particular, present-day church law allows the College of Cardinals to elect a married man to the papacy. In the Eastern Rite Church, married men are routinely ordained to the priesthood, but not to the episcopate. According to the Gospels, Saint Peter was married. According to the tradition of the Catholic Church, and supported by the archaeological evidence of his tomb on Vatican Hill, St. Peter founded the Christian community in Rome and became its bishop.

Some popes were sexually active before their election as pope; and it has sometimes been claimed that other Popes were sexually active during their papacies.

Britney Spears Gives Up Kabbalah to Worship Baby


Britney Spears posted a surprising message on her Web site on May 12. “I no longer study Kaballah [sic], my baby is my religion,” reads the brief note featured on the “Love B” section of her site devoted to the singer’s stream of consciousness. There was no indication whether Spears was referring to her 8-month-old son, Sean, or the baby she is currently pregnant with, or Kevin Federline.