Racist of the Day


Wow, this guy makes yesterday’s racist of the day, John Gibson, look like a cuddly lil kitten.

(Cayce) – Inside the walls of Brookland-Cayce High School, you expect students to be treated equally. But a viewer tip led News19 online where a teacher’s comments left us asking questions.

“These sorts of things are going to upset people, but the truth can be very upsetting,” said Brookland-Cayce High School teacher Winston McCuen.

That truth, at least according to McCuen, is that black people are inferior to whites.

“Intellectually, yes they are,” said McCuen. “This has been confirmed over and over, and this is a generalization. Again, there are some blacks who are more intelligent than individual whites. But as a rule, that is true. I-Q tests prove it over, and over and over.”

News19’s J.R. Berry asked McCuen, “Do you think slavery in America was a good thing? “Yes,” said McCuen. “In America there was a rational assessment saying listen, if we give these people freedom right as they are and you have to go back to see how they were, you can’t assume they were like us.

Googling his name brings up several posts on a site called American Renaissance News from someone called Dr. Winson McCuen from “Occupied South Carolina”. I’m not sure if it’s the same guy so take this as you will.

Then of course, there is the deeper reason why the Confederate flag offends some blacks, all liberals, and many who now call themselves “conservative.” The flag is a hated reminder of God’s hierarchical, anti-egalitarian creation. Flying in the face of a prideful and self-deluded modern world, the Confederate flag is an standing rebuke to all upstart presumption, to egalitarian envy, and to an all-too-common hatred of human excellence. But the Confederate flag is hated, above all, because it recalls to our attention the obvious Divinely-created differences between the white and black races – differences rife with implications that Western man suicidally seeks to deny.

I would quote more but I am allergic to bullshit and am breaking out in hives.


  1. Take solace in this – that McCuen putz will be without a job soon (unless Grand Dragon or whatever they call it counts).

  2. It’s funny, first you start to bash Christians (no problem for me), and then you start to ridicule racists. It seems to be a normal procedure for left-wing liberals, they skip the debate and live in this utopia where all people are equal. All people should have equal rights, but it is completely different by claming that there are no differences in genetics. You have to face it, genetics play a major part in almost every property of yourself. Just try to find black physics Nobel prize winners, they are very rare.

    Isin’t it ironic, the probably most common race on planet and not a single black man in this list!


    If you single out all the other factors, the fact remains, asian and white races are more intelligent than the black and hispanic races for example.

  3. These posts raise a similar point to your athiest posts Chris. Some people will always need to take an absolute standpoint to justify and explain their world view. Excuse the pun, but you can’t ever look at things in “black and white”. The world is a far more complex and amazing place than can be explained by any specific doctrine. Maybe it’s a lot harder to live without these beliefs, but if that’s the case I’ll take harder over easier anyday.

  4. It’s a sad (but wholly unsurprising) thing that people like this nawitus fella and that ed guy from the other comments not only live in this world, but, in one way or another, thrive.

    Someone, please, tell me – how the hell has the human race survived to this point? I mean, seriously! I’m beginning to think it’s inevitable that we’ll exterminate ourselves in the next millenium.

    ….not that I’m cynical or anything.

  5. Copper, I agree with you.

    The problem with discussions in this format is it’s hard to stick to one or two points at a time. I got a barrage of odd responses from debate class rejects, and didn’t respond to most of them.

    The study of the superiorities and deficiencies of races related to modern society are worth studying.

    I’m not speaking in absolutes exactly, I’m speaking in terms of bell curves. I think bell curves serve a good purpose when trying to figure out what is going on.

    When I state that some race may have an IQ that’s on average 10 points below the mean, my followup question would be how to get it higher, not to ship off whomever to wherever.

    That is, once we have qualifiable data, how do we work with it, now that we know what we’ve got?

    But I’d say IQ is just a part of figuring out what’s what. An important part, but still just a part.

  6. Looking at TV news of around the world shows how much some places are still full of people that are living in the dark ages except for clothes and ways to kill each other.I wonder how a person of that race thinks about them.Of coarse some don’t even change even after they come to the USA,clothes and killing can be seen again as the big changes and little else.

  7. This guy very obviously is a racist piece of shit and very unintelligent, however, I don’t think that you should all jump on nawitus for what he’s saying. Just because I say “yes, on the whole, black Americans have lower IQ scores (and yes this is very true) than whites or asians” it doesn’t mean that they are stupid because they are black or that I am a racist. All that it means is that these people are often poorer and can’t afford a lot of the educational oppertunities that rich white kids can. It’s cultural issue, not a gender one. However, the fact remain, they do have lower IQ scores – but, it doesn’t mean that I’m racist because I have stated these facts.

  8. We are better off having this person speak truthfully and trying to create a worthwhile dialogue about it. I hope that others won’t be discouraged from saying exactly what it is that they feel.

    I also hope that I can be sensible enough not to judge it but to understand it.

    If I judge it, political correctness will send the racism back into its dark cave. I know that I am racist, I grew up in a racist society and still live in one.

    Racism is illusory to begin with but I’ve been conditioned to it. To try to become “not racist” is illusory to the second power if you will.

    Compassion starts will honesty. Division continues with judgement.

  9. i live about 10 minutes from the school this man taught at. what a lot of people don’t understand about sputh carolina and its schools is this:
    the man only has a valid point for this reason: many of the black people that live in SC are poor. Most of the people living below the poverty line in the state are black as well. I think that statisitc says more about their inability to learn than their color. You have to face this fact: people in poverty probably did not recieve adequate education and in turn, do not instill these values in their children. the real problem wit hte schools is poverty, NOT race. i can see how he gets at race, however, seeing as how most of the poverty-stricken students(ESPECIALLY in the columbia area) are black.

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