Book Banned by the US Government


LAS VEGAS, NV — Irwin Schiff is a well known author with over 500,000 books in print about the economy and the income tax. He is also now amongst the few who have had a book banned by the U.S. Government. On March 19, 2003, Federal Judge Lloyd George ordered Schiff to stop selling his book “The Federal Mafia” which has been in print for over 13 years. According to Schiff the Federal Government is using the American people’s preoccupation with the war in Iraq as an opportunity to squelch freedom here at home.

Mr Schiff says, “The 1st Amendment is designed so people can have opinions different from the government and there is no legal basis whatsoever for banning my book. Its all contrived, it’s bull***t. The government is banning the book because the information is accurate and correct.”

With the exception of the Las Vegas Review Journal, there has been very limited press about this book banning. Mr. Schiff attributes this to the timing of the government’s actions.

Here’s the article from the Las Vegas Review Journal. It still seems to be available through Amazon.

This site has a pretty nice history of banned books in the U.S.


  1. And by Vin Suprynowicz himself, no less. I liked his writing a whole lot better before he got into immigrant-bashing (8 years ago, I think?), but he still makes sense more often than not.

  2. Over 500,000 books in print? It’s a wonder they found time to read the ONLY ONE that would piss them off!

  3. Very strange story.

    In federal court in Las Vegas on March 19, U.S. District Senior Judge Lloyd George ordered Schiff to stop giving lectures, and to stop selling his latest book: “The Federal Mafia: How the Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes.”

    It’d take a lawyer to say for sure, but one could read this as the judge ordered Schiff to personally stop selling copies of his book – related to his 2005 convictions on tax charges – without necessarily making others (like Amazon) stop selling it.

    Of course, it’d be totally disgusting if his book was banned. But I have little sympathy for Mr. Schiff. These “detaxing” types get people who act on their theories into a world of legal hurt.

    Wikipedia on Irwin Schiff

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