Daily Dose of Ingersoll


We are told that the universe was designed and created, and that it is absurd to suppose that matter has existed from eternity, but that it is perfectly self-evident that a god has.

–Robert Green Ingersoll, “The Gods” (1872)

Interview with Ray McGovern


Crooks and Liars has video of Paula Zahn interviewing Ray McGovern, the man who debated Rumsfeld yesterday.

Zahn: There was a point where it appeared as though you were going to get kicked out … Donald Rumsfeld encouraged whoever I think had their hands on you at the time to let you stay there. Does he get any credit for that today?

MCGOVERN: At first, I thought, well, that was rather gracious. But, then I got to thinking, I was not abusing the privilege. I was simply asking pointed questions. And for the national TV audience to see me carted away for asking Rumsfeld to explain what any objective observer would call a lie, that wouldn’t have been good P.R. So, yes, I’m glad he let me stay. But I think it was for self- interested reasons.

Your Favorite Blogs

It’s kind of a slow Friday here for me so I thought I would ask all the cynical readers out there what are some of your favorite blogs. (And yes, I’m partially asking because I am having trouble finding any good links today and am looking for new blogs to mine links from.)